Our Manifesto

At GIYG, we’re a team of recruiting industry thoughts leaders, technologists, psychologists and best of all, marketing pros, all passionate about helping you “Get In Your Groove”. When you’re in your groove, you’re inspired, you’re motivated and Monday’s are your favorite day of the week.

You Shouldn’t Be Settling

Unfortunately today, too many studies have proven that most people are settling for unfulfilled, dissatisfying careers that lack true meaning. “Sunday Night Blues” disrupts the end to magnificent weekends and a case of “The Mondays” sets the tone for five long days of meaningless effort. Distracted minds are filled with heart pounding dreams of an exciting career only to have those same dreams eventually replaced with feelings of frustration and hopelessness that accompany the traditionally long and painstaking job search journey that typically ends with another dead-end opportunity. Rinse and repeat. Simply awful.

Simple Rule to Finding the Right Career

How would your life be different if you were in the right career? A career inspired by your passions and purpose. Built on what you were truly meant to do. One where you reached your potential. Where it felt like the “right fit.” One that gave you comfort and confidence yet got you energized and inspired to jump out of bed on Monday morning? Your Groove! Finding your groove is not hard. Getting there, however, can be.

The #1 guiding principle? Alignment.

When your core Purpose and Profession are in complete Alignment, magic happens.It’s time for a new way of thinking. It’s time for transparency. It’s time for you to “get real” and illuminate how you really feel, think and operate best. It’s time for employers to do the same. This saves you years of aggravation and saves corporations millions. It’s time for a shift.

Our Cause

We feel everyone deserves to have this experience. That’s why we’ve made it our cause, better yet, our duty, to help you get in your groove so you wake up every day and smile on your way to work.The GiygMap℠ process is just the first step towards “getting in your groove.” When both you and your potential employers understand what truly gets you juiced, a career altering connection occurs.

At Giyg, we’re creating, for both you and employers, a community of transparency, knowledge, support and inspiration. Through useful tools, insightful analytics and innovative technology, Giyg’s “first of its kind” platform technology will continue to better understand you, and where you want to go. Think of Giyg as your guide, you mentor or your coach throughout your career journey…a profound journey that deserves meaning, exhilaration and fulfillment that inspires you for a lifetime. 

Join The Cause