JOB SEEKERS: Companies Are Being More Transparent. Why Aren’t You?

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Transparency is becoming so critical that some of America’s top companies are investing millions in making their brand more transparent.  They have added unfiltered reviews to their own websites, hospitable comment sections on their blog posts and with 75% of job seekers stating that a company’s brand affects their decision to apply, companies are abruptly blowing up their old career and culture websites in favor of a full workplace expose’. 

Why All The Transparency? 

The world is attracted to truth

Facebook Live creates “real” interactions, Google Reviews provides satisfied (or dissatisfied) customers a platform for honest opinions about a product or service and Glassdoor has a “Unicorn” valuation based on the workplace transparency theory.

Let’s be honest (pardon the pun), we like people who are transparent, so naturally we like companies who are transparent, too. With transparency cultural trends at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that companies are taking this very seriously.

Transparency Impacts Recruiting

It’s no secret that a transparent workplace culture can have a dramatic impact on recruiting.  Job seekers want to know that the companies they’re applying to are not only open and honest about the things they do, but also that what they’re doing is something they, as individuals, can be proud of. 

On the other hand, a lack of transparency in the hiring process can be disastrous.  The cost of a bad hire is a setback to the entire organization. Not only does a bad hire negatively impact the reputation of the decision makers involved, it also is a significant cost to the company both in dollars and time spent training a new employee.

Not to mention, with 50% of the job force being dominated by millennials in 2020 and their “transparency expectation mindset”, companies are emphasizing a clear, concise, and highly communicative hiring process where applicants would be constantly aware of the validity of their candidacy throughout the process.

Job Seekers:  Why Aren’t You Being More Transparent?

So with company transparency at an all-time high, why aren’t candidates reciprocating? 

Well, for many of you, the whole application, interviewing and hiring process has always been a bit of a dance, if you will, where both you and the company put on your game faces and prepare yourselves to give each other a sales pitch.

As a business owner and interviewer myself, the dance has changed and it is no longer enough to impress companies with your non-authentic sales pitch. Your well-kept secrets are bound to reveal themselves and could actually benefit you in the long run if you’re honest.  An honest person is far more attractive to companies and when people can feel something isn’t right, they’re repelled from you.  Conversely, when you stand in the truth, you become the most powerful person you can be.  You’re highly attractive on so many levels.

3 Unique Ways to Safely Become More Transparent

So you agree that you want to be more transparent.  Well before you get an interview, you have to get noticed.   Here are 3 unique ways to become a more transparent candidate that recruiters will love. 

  1. Video Presentation – Lasting typically 60 seconds, a personal profile video is your shot to make the best first impression to an employer. A video resume lets the employer literally see you and hear your case (via your communication skills, personality and charisma) as the best candidate for the job – all before the interview takes place. However, like everything in cyberspace, video resumes will last forever on the Internet, so they should be produced with the utmost care, professionalism, and preparation.  
  2. Highlight Intangible Qualities – Recruiters find you because of your skills but they hire you because of your “fit.” Go beyond just your skills, education and experience by illuminating who you are. is a free tool that uses your answers from a short survey to create an infographic with your core values, work styles, and desired company culture. This will catch a recruiter’s attention and provide a personality to go with the experience listed on your resume. 
  3. Personal Websites – Although this can be time-consuming, somewhat difficult and potentially expensive, personal websites do provide a good platform to highlight key personal attributes. And with WIX, Squarespace or a WordPress Blog, even the most technically challenged job seekers can make this a reality.


In the spirit of full transparency, I dream of a day where the interview process feels almost like grabbing an adult beverage or cup of coffee together.  Both parties…open, honest and free.  After all, aren’t we both looking for a long term, equally equitable relationship?

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