Your 2 Neglected Resume Items That Could Make You Unforgettable

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Is it time for a new job?

It’s no secret that there is an epidemic of disengaging and unfulfilling work.
But most people would rather stay at their current jobs and suffer than actually go through the merciless job seeking process. I often hear job seekers saying: “There is so much competition and the process is so sterile. If only the company would just meet me…
Well, instead of hoping the perfect job will find you, as a former recruiter and current direct marketing business owner, I’m going to help you get one step closer to the “YES” pile by showing you the 2 most overlooked resume items companies are obsessed with…and how to use these items to make you unforgettable!

1.) Your Summary

Your summary is the perfect place to give recruiters and hiring managers a peek into who you are. You can use it to highlight your cultural fit or specific achievements and activities that are highly valued.
Here are 2 quick tips for crafting a great professional summary:
  1. Find four things which define you as a professional. Do you have proven successful sales record? Specific engineering capabilities or department management skills? Once you identify your core contributions as a professional, you can identify jobs or companies that highly value your unique skills.
  1. Be results oriented. Recruiters have way too many resumes to look at. In fact, they scan them in 3 seconds or less. Make their life easy, replace anecdotal evidence with organizational impact and objective results. Keep it short and simple, or your resume will end up in the trash bin.

Here are some examples:

“Project Manager with 15+ years’ experience specializing in public outreach, website development projects, and marketing campaigns. Leadership-focused, creative, and approaches client projects with a win-win perspective. Creator of award-winning marketing campaigns for corporate clients and products.”
“Retail industry sales manager who focuses on customer service, sales training, and deal negotiations. Long track record in advertising, product integration, and promotions. Proven track record of successfully developing strategies resulting in a 15% increase in new customers. Lives to create cohesive sales teams and to improve customer retention and happiness.”

2) Cultural Fit

So you’ve decided that your capabilities are a perfect fit for the job.  But wait, there’s something even more important.  Cultural fit.
Employees who don’t fit culturally are detrimental to an organization. And as a result, companies are starting to prioritize cultural fit.  AKA:  Values, Mission and Vision.  So here are two tips to make this shine through:
  1. Identify the company’s culture. Does the company you are applying for value hustle, fun, calmness, or any other personality attributes? Maybe they care about humane applications of medical testing or support causes to feed the hungry. Whatever the culture, it’s important that your values are aligned! You can research cultures through Glassdoor (although beware these can be a little subjective from disgruntled employees), Company “About Us” pages and once you get the interview, talk to current employees. They’re the real barometer.
  1. Show how you are a fit throughout your resume. Highlight projects that fit with your prospective company’s culture. If they value humanitarian work, then make sure to highlight a humanitarian project you’ve been involved with.  If they value extraordinary engineering accomplishments, brag about an accomplishment that a hiring manager would find impressive! There are even free tools like which helps you discover and present your core values, ideal work style and desired company culture in a unique infographic. This will catch a recruiter’s attention and provide a personality to go with the experience listed on your resume.


Don’t be discouraged in your job search, good applicants actually have the upper hand! It can cost a company 30-400% of an employee’s salary depending on experience to replace them.
In a 2015 survey by Deloitte, they found that more than 3,000 HR leaders worldwide consider retaining talent their most important objective.
Companies are starting to realize that if they find the best cultural fits, they will save money, get more productivity, and make more profit. Why? Because people who fit within the culture stay longer, work harder, and are more loyal.  If you aren’t finding job success now, don’t worry. Make a few changes to better represent the “real you” and show why you’ll be a great fit in a company’s culture.
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