Are You “Stuck” at Your Job? Follow These 3 Tips to Get Your Groove Back 

Get In Your Groove
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We all get stuck in our career. It’s inevitable that at some point we find ourselves stagnant, disappointed and unfilled.

Which have you experienced?

  • Staying too long in one position, place, or company
  • Feelings of boredom and meaninglessness with your work
  • You are outwardly successful but internally you feel unsatisfied
  • Working in an uncomfortable corporate culture that doesn’t suit you
  • Feeling like your area does not hold the types of opportunities that would make you happy
  • Or you are simply feeling negative because you’re so uninspired.
  • …so many more reasons to list.
Some people simply let themselves be defined by the situation and never recover. They spend time rationalizing the mediocre when they should be spending that same time creating the magnificent.
But stuck doesn’t have to be a negative thing. With the right perspective and a little inspiration, you can actually use it as the catalyst to unlock tremendous opportunity and motivation.
This is article is meant help those of you who want to get your groove back by making your career meaningful again.

Step 1 – Acknowledge your responsibilities  

This is numero uno for everyone when it comes to career choices. In almost all cases of career dissatisfaction, it’s totally your own fault. I know this might be a tough pill to swallow, but until you acknowledge this simple fact, nothing I, nor anyone else says moving forward, can help you.
Maybe you are scared to change your job for fear of the unknown or maybe you are simply holding on too long to that dead end career where you feel trapped. Maybe you did something, didn’t do something, or failed to realize something. Maybe you simply didn’t know what you wanted. All valid reasons to feel the way you feel.
Here’s the good news…there’s nothing wrong with you! Everyone faces a professional or personal lack of fulfillment at some point, because everyone makes mistakes, and not everybody knows what they want. The difference between someone who moves on and creates a positive career change in their life and someone who doesn’t is often the basic acknowledgement that I CAN and WILL change my life for the better.
Once you acknowledge your own accountability, forgive yourself. Then you can dust yourself off, stand tall and kick it back in gear.

Step 2 – Show (don’t tell) them you are the best 

Above all else, your resume should accomplish one thing: to show recruiters that you are the best candidate for the job.
The traditional resume, with every word meticulously crammed onto the page, always ends up looking identical to all the other candidates. Recruiters simply start by throwing out resumes they didn’t like, rather than selecting the ones they liked best.
There is a way to stand out from the noise. Graphical resumes effectively communicate what you’re all about in a few seconds, giving employers a reason to single out your resume as a good fit for the job. is a great example of a tool that can help you to build a great graphical resume, highlighting things like your personality, core values and your ideal work culture.
Your likelihood of getting the job that leaves you feeling fulfilled goes way up when your resume is the best one the recruiter has seen all week.

Step 3 – Check off boxes 

Especially if you are looking for a more challenging job than the one you are currently stuck at, it’s important to “check off all the boxes” that recruiters expect you to have checked off.
Checking off boxes almost always includes having a properly filled in LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t been excited about work for a while, your LinkedIn profile may need to be updated with relevant info and connections.
Other boxes you may want to check off include a Twitter account, membership to relevant associations, any relevant certifications or courses (online courses are a great way to start working in a new field), or publishing articles in your field on industry blogs or journals.
Ask yourself, “in my new position or field of work, what do they expect?”

Now what?

Once you’re done taking action on these three tips, give yourself a big “high-five!” You are armed with a renewed attitude, a fresh presentation and a little momentum…the most important thing in creating change. Momentum is difficult to get, but easy to maintain.
This can be as easy as making one more connection or learning about one more prospective company each day. You just need to take small steps everyday towards your career change goals. Do this and you’ll soon be back in your groove. You got this…I’m rooting for you!

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