• “I am proud to say that I am now working at Royal Caribbean Cruise Line! They said that one of the reasons for hiring me was my creativity. GIYG showed that!”

    Preston CarnahanStaff Captain – Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

What’s GIYG?

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GIYG helps you understand what inspires your most meaningful work then uniquely presents it with an eye-catching, GIYGgraph℠ career infographic

Why Giyg?

By presenting more than your resume’s skills, experience and education, your GIYGgraph℠ helps employers, quickly and effectively, understand who you really are, what matters to you most and how you’ll fit best.

Top Accomplishments

Brag a little about what you’ve accomplished

Core Values

Show who you really are

Passions and Purpose

What really gets your juices flowing

Ideal Corporate Culture

Find your perfect fit

Personal Strengths

Show how you make an impact

Team Attributes

Find a team that works the way you do

Employers Love Giyg

Unlike stale resumes, CV’s or LinkedIn profiles, GIYGgraphs℠ show employers how your passions, values and interests align with company opportunities, culture and mission.

  • “I see so many resumes that it's nice to be surprised by something visually appealing like a GIYGgraph, that shows me more about who the applicant is. Not only does it show creativity and appreciation for design, it helps me get to know the applicant's personality and see how they would fit on the teams I'm recruiting for.”

    Jamie Hichens, Senior Creative Recruiter Fortune 500 Companies and Startups

Applicants Love GIYG

GIYGgraphs℠ are your unfair job seeking advantage. Use it to boost your resume presentation, as an eye-popping cover letter or to get massive attention on job seeking sites. Be creative, get noticed, land your dream job!

Understand yourself better

Be impossible to ignore

Helps articulate who you are

Differentiate yourself from others

Show how you work best

Target job search by culture & values

Join thousands of successful GIYG users

  • I highly recommend Giyg.me if you’re looking for a supplement to add to your career resume that’ll help you stand out from the crowd and be different. Show off the WHOLE YOU and not just your work experience.

  • Any edge you can have in the job market is worthwhile. Working with GIYG was easy and fun. I am very satisfied with the quality and service I received.

  • Their simple interface and interview style will produce a great product of who you are in a unique way that is uncommon and sure to get you noticed.

  • Today’s job market is different. Your new employer wants to know ‘your’ personal brand; what uniqueness and skill set can you offer that aligns with their culture. Giyg is ‘spot on’ with offering a creative tool to do just this. I love my infographic. Thanks Giyg

  • GIYG excels at taking your information and turning it into easy to understand, interesting and eye catching categories that help potential employers recognize you and your experience quickly and efficiently.

  • GIYG definitely focuses on what people’s true passions are what environment they thrive in. Their message and logic needs to be spread!

  • My GIYGMap is a unique supplement to my resume that I’ve been able to use with recruiters and interviewers to help communicate what I’m looking for in a career.

  • “Brilliant idea! I have an unusual work history, and GIYG is a clever and powerful way for me to tell my story to potential employers. The team has been super helpful and responsive, and I really hope this catches on and becomes a ‘thing.’

Plans & Pricing

GIYGgraphs are distinctively designed by expert recruiters, organizational psychologists and actual job seekers to help you stand out from others in the stack.

Free GIYG profile insights Free GIYGgraph sample template Access your GIYGgraph anywhere GIYG branded GIYGgraph
Per Download
Create one GIYGgraph Full customization - choose from all designs, fonts, colors, and icons Download to PDF, print and share Remove GIYG branding
Cancel Anytime
Create unlimited GIYGgraphs per industry or job Full customization - All designs, fonts, colors, and icons Export to PDF for easy sharing Personalized GIYGgraph website Remove GIYG branding Resume expert review and unlimited feedback Save all files even after you stop paying

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